Why Peter is Running

why-peter-runningI believe strongly that the city has suffered immensely from the tendency for Democratic Party primaries to serve as the de facto elections, determining who enters office before a single vote in the general election has been cast. Democracy has also been eroded by the city's current 'first-past-the-post' system, which allows candidates to win with only a small plurality of votes, especially when the field is crowded with many other candidates. As a result of this ridiculous situation, Brooke Pinto "won" the June 2 Democratic primary with just 28.36 percent of the vote, just over 3,000 votes in total (in an area with over 77,000 residents!) and just a few hundred votes ahead of her closest rival. Following this "victory" she then "won" the special election to serve out the rest of Jack Evan's term practically unopposed after her fellow Democrats suspended their campaigns.

The personification of everything wrong with the putrid status quo, of course, is none other than former Ward 2 councilmember Jack Evans. Though Evans was decisively rejected by primary voters, Pinto represents a continuation of everything that was wrong with Evans' tenure. For one thing, the Washington City Paper has already reported on multiple alleged campaign finance violations, which if true would mean that she certainly shares in Evans' penchant for corrupt shady dealings.

But this wouldn't be the only way she resembles her predecessor. Pinto openly, and seemingly rather proudly, supports Evans' so-called 'pro-business' policies, which is essentially right-wing shorthand for putting the interests of developers above those of ordinary city residents. So much so, that she is even endorsed by The Washington Post, a publication owned by the billionaire owner of Amazon, one of the most exploitative corporations in the world. Again, Pinto seems to be rather proud of this fact and even exhibits her Post endorsement on her webpage as if it were some kind of badge of honor. For Evans, it was this close relationship with private interests that eventually degenerated into outright corruption throughout his decades in office. We may well be about to see history repeat itself with devastating consequences.