Why Voters Should Choose Peter

meet-peter-boltonOn issue after issue, Pinto pays idle lip service to the progressive principles, but offers little in the way of real action. Perhaps the most salient example is the issue of DC statehood, which is perhaps the most crucial of this election. Needless to say, as a DC Statehood Green I would fight for District residents' right to full representation and self-determination come hell or high water. If elected, I would take a leaf out of the late and great journalist Mark Plotkin's book. He argued that if the federal government is going to be a bad guest, then we shouldn't be good hosts! To take just one example of what I have in mind, if the federal government isn't going to grant DC statehood then I believe that the DC Council shouldn't allow the federal government to host events at our public schools. You can be sure that if I'm on the Council, I wouldn't accept the federal government's disrespect for the rightful wish of DC residents for statehood, but would repay the disrespect in kind!

As damning as all of the above holes in Pinto's credibility are, they all pale in comparison to the fact that, in spite of claiming to be some kind of anchor of the community, she had never even voted in a single DC election until now. I, on the other hand, have been a Ward 2 resident for over a decade and have consistently showed up to vote for DC candidates at the local and federal level. And while Brooke Pinto was still sipping ice tea at some debutante ball in Greenwich, Connecticut (a New York suburb inhabited overwhelmingly by Wall Street types), I was out on the streets of DC rain or shine, cardboard sign in hand, campaigning on issues like paid sick leave for our city's workers with groups such as the Restaurants Organizing Committee and the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America, on whose steering committee I served in the early 2010s.

Even her touted “extensive experience” in public policy is nothing but an empty farce. Her time as a “staffer” at Karl Racine’s office was, in fact, only an internship that lasted a few short months. Embellishing one’s résumé is one thing, but telling outright lies when running for public office is quite another. As the aforementioned Washington City Paper article succinctly put it, "Brooke Pinto had no business winning the Ward 2 Democratic primary race." And her misrepresentation of her level of experience along with her flagrant lack of commitment to the community perhaps show more than anything else why she is completely unfit for this office.