Environmental Policy

I support:

  • DC Statehood Green Party’s own version of city-based Green New Deal
  • A ban on new fossil fuel infrastructure within city limits
  • Implementation of a plan to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030
  • Investment in green jobs and promoting the use of green technology
  • Subsidies for energy-saving home improvements
  • Forming partnerships with other jurisdictions to combat pollution and global warming

As a Statehood Green candidate, I am naturally a strong environmentalist. If elected, I would propose a citywide Green New Deal that goes well beyond the one proposed in the federal congress by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The type of DC-based Green New Deal that I have in mind would include a ban new fossil fuel infrastructure within city limits and would keep the deadline for reaching net zero carbon emissions at 2030 rather than extending it to 2050.

Other environmental polices I support include investment in green jobs, the installation of solar panels on public city buildings, and subsidies for energy efficiency home installations such as insulation and double-glazed windows. I support expanding the city’s use of recycling to bring it closer to the systems practiced in European cities. I would also investigate new ways of dealing with garbage and generating electricity. Ideally, DC would take a leaf out of Copenhagen’s book and construct an incinerator/power generator like Copenhill that kills two birds with one stone!

Noise pollution has also become a major issue in the DC area. I support enacting a system to gather data about resident complaints about helicopter noise in the DC region (that is currently being proposed in the federal congress by Virginia Rep. Don Beyer and DC Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton) at the city level. Like Beyer and Norton’s bill, my proposal would establish a working group that would, in consultation with community members, put that information to use by recommending strategies for addressing the noise.