I support:

  • Developing a plan to end homelessness in DC by 2025
  • A program for transitioning homeless individuals and families into permanent housing
  • A program for providing job training to formerly homeless individuals
  • Investment in building new homeless shelters

I take a particularly strong interest in the wellbeing of the least well-off in our community and take as my inspiration Nelson Mandela’s statement that: “A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it's lowest ones”. I don’t just want a strategy to address homelessness but a strategy to end it. Therefore, if elected I would work to institute a program to transition homeless individuals and families from shelters into permanent accommodation.

Nor do I think the homeless and long-term unemployed should just be brushed under society’s carpet – they should be helped back onto their feet. Therefore, I would also make sure that every city resident has both a roof over their head and a path to employment. If elected, I would therefore propose a local jobs guarantee along with free job training for all.