International Policies

I support:

  • Promotion of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement at all government levels
  • A citywide boycott of all Israeli goods and services
  • Revoking Israel’s right to have an embassy within city limits
  • A Council resolution condemning arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia
  • A Council resolution to divest from arms manufacturers
  • A Council resolution demanding the immediate release of Palestinian political prisoners
  • Council resolutions condemning aid to Colombia and Honduras
  • Council resolutions condemning economic blockade against Cuba and sanctions against Venezuela and Nicaragua

On international issues, I support solidarity with oppressed peoples across the world. If elected, I would propose a citywide boycott of Israeli companies that operate in occupied Palestine. Just as international solidarity was a key pillar in ending apartheid in South Africa, so could it be a key pillar of ending apartheid in Palestine too. If elected, I would furthermore propose that all DC law enforcement agencies sever their ties with the Israeli military. I would also propose resolutions pledging solidarity to the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, the Kurdish people throughout the Middle East and indigenous peoples across the world – both within US borders and elsewhere.

Though, of course, the City Council has no authority over foreign policy, I would nonetheless introduce resolutions condemning the federal government’s imperialistic and bellicose agenda. In particular, I would call for motions to condemn its sanctions regimes against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua and its provision of military aid to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Honduras.

I furthermore support introducing resolutions calling on the federal government to abolish the CIA and ICE and to shut down all US military bases on foreign soil as well as the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in occupied Cuban territory. I also am a staunch opponent of the globalized tax haven system. If elected, I would introduce a resolution calling on national governments to shut down all tax havens and cooperate on enacting global tax harmonization in order to end the race-to-the-bottom and help ensure stable tax revenue for all political jurisdictions around the world.