I support:

  • Raising taxes on income over $300,000
  • Introducing a yearly wealth tax on households with over $10 million in net assets
  • Raising property taxes only on equity above $500,000
  • Cracking down on partnership arrangements by law, consulting and accounting firms that enable them to avoid paying their fair share of taxes
  • Cracking down on sweat heart tax deals for out-of-state corporations
  • Abolishing all value-added taxes on food goods
  • Subsidizing essential items like feminine hygiene and family planning products
  • Setting price controls on certain household goods

My public spending proposals would be funded by progressive reforms to DC’s outdated taxation system. This would include an increase in the local tax rate on income above $300,000 per year, a push to reclaim the revenue lost in the latest round of Trump administration tax cuts, and a Norway-style yearly wealth tax on all households with assets totaling more than $10 million. Given the obscene inequality within this city and the desperate need for greater public investment, I make no apology for any of these pledges – it’s high time that the rich start paying their fair share!