TransportI support:

  • Abolishing all user fees for the entire WMATA system
  • Bringing the WMATA system into full public ownership by ending public-private partnerships
  • Encouraging commuters to use public transport using subsidies
  • Enacting a congestion charge for all cars entering the city
  • Promoting New Urbanism by encouraging pedestianization where possible

At the forefront of any city environmental program should be promotion of public transit. If elected I would propose measures to encourage residents to use public transport options where possible and reduce private car use. This would include foremost a pledge to abolish all user fees for the entire Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority system. In order to make this a reality, I propose bringing the WMATA into full public ownership and ending public-private partnerships in order to end the private profiteering and shareholder parasitism that has kept fares high. I would fight to expand Metro and Metrobus service, especially on weekends. I also support launching a campaign to make the city safer for pedestrians and cyclists.