War on Drugs

I support:

  • Overturning the federal government’s watering down of DC’s cannabis laws
  • Full legalization of the selling of cannabis within city limits
  • Legalizing other naturally-growing substances in line with the Decriminalize Nature campaign
  • Decriminalization of all other controlled substances
  • Unconditional amnesty for all DC residents convicted of drug possession crimes

I am a fierce opponent of the so-called ‘War on Drugs’. My policy proposals include full adult-use cannabis legalization within the District, decriminalization of other controlled substances and unconditional amnesty for all DC residents convicted of drug possession offenses. I recognize that the drug war has disproportionately affected communities of color within our city and, indeed, throughout the country. I would therefore propose the formation of a committee to develop a system of restitution for racist sentencing guidelines in drug possession cases and racialized police brutality and harassment. I also support a city-based ‘ban the box’ measure that would outlaw criminal conviction reporting requirements in hiring.