Ward 2 Specific Policies

I support:

  • Expanding bike lanes, bus lanes and promoting pedstrianization across the Ward
  • Introducing a constituent surgery to give residents direct access to their representative

I have been a Ward 2 resident for over a decade and therefore have a strong sense of the various issues facing each of its neighborhoods. But I believe that local people know their own communities and own needs better than politicians do – including me. Therefore, I support reforming the ANCs to incorporate an element of direct participatory democracy about local issues. If properly enacted, I would then propose delegating more power to the ANCs to deal with these affairs.

If elected, I would do more listening than talking when it comes to issues specific to Ward 2 – or any other specific area of the city for that matter. Therefore, if elected, I pledge to hold monthly constituent surgeries – modelled on those that members of the British and Irish parliaments offer ¬– in which Ward 2 residents would be able to meet with me in person to discuss any city or Ward 2 issue of their concern. As a constituent you will be welcome in my office to discuss whatever is on your mind about your neighborhood and will get quick, responsive constituent service about any neighborhood issue.