Peter's Background

If I’m elected, I would bring years of experience in writing about politics to the DC Council. Throughout my journalism career I have focused on analyzing ethical issues in public policy and international affairs. Given that Ward 2 residents have been betrayed by the shady dealings of their former representative, the election of someone with a commitment to ethics in public affairs would help clean up the Council and usher in a new era of transparency and critical scrutiny.

I hold a master’s degree in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs from American University here in Washington, where my thesis research focused the “War on Drugs”. As you will see from my policy ideas outlined here on this website, working toward ending this so-called “war” is a central theme of my campaign. Residents of this city have suffered disproportionately from racially-discriminatory drug convictions and the attendant mass incarceration and discrimination in the labor market.

As a US/UK dual citizen with familial roots in North America, Europe and also Latin America, I would bring a unique international perspective to the DC politics. I am proficient in Spanish and have worked as freelance journalist in Latin America where I reported on some of the most pressing issues facing the region. Since moving back to DC in 2014, I have continued to write about the major factors that drive immigration from Latin America to the US.

I don’t hide my contempt for the both of the major US political parties or the status quo that they have both upheld for decades. A portfolio of my writing can be viewed at my website –