Investment in Youth and Seniors

I support: 

  • Investment in youth recreational activities
  • Seniors’ security fund to supplemental social security
  • Investment in social activities for seniors

I believe strongly that both sides of our community at the ‘book-ends of life’ have been seriously neglected by local government in DC. Investing in youth is essential for building a healthy society over the long term. Therefore, if elected I would propose an increase in funding for youth activities from sports to culture and beyond.

Likewise, I believe strongly that the quality of life for seniors is one of the best ways of gauging a community’s societal health. I am therefore a strong supporter of increasing spending on social activities for seniors. As with youth provision, this should run the gamut from sport and leisure to arts and culture and beyond. Of course, I also feel strongly that no one should be left to live their golden years in penury. Unfortunately, however, in DC many of our senior citizens struggle with issues of poverty and lack of access to basic services. Therefore, I support establishing a special seniors’ security fund to supplement social security.