Food and Nutrition

<p>I support:</p>
<li>A campaign to improve children&rsquo;s nutrition in schools</li>
<li>Banning the serving of fast food and factory farmed meat to school children</li>
<li>Banning factory farmed meat from being imported into DC or being sold or served in any city business</li>
<li>Incentives for supermarkets to buy from sustainable, small-scale farms and other producers</li>
<li>The forcible shutting down of all fast food restaurants operating within city limits</li>
<p>I am a strong believer that one of the major issues facing the developed world is the public health crisis caused by poor nutrition. This is in large part a result of the fact that our systems of food production, distribution and advertising are based on making profits for agro-industrial giants and fast food corporations &ndash; which have come to dominate the production and consumption side of the food supply respectively &ndash; rather than satisfying the nutritional needs of the public. I therefore support taking an aggressive stance against these entities while promoting sustainable, smaller-scale alternatives.</p>
<p>I support laws that would encourage supermarkets and restaurants operating within the District to do business with small, non-corporate, and non-factory farms and other producers. I also believe that localizing production &ndash; so that food is produced as close to where it&rsquo;s being consumed &ndash; forms a large part of solving both our environmental and public health crises.</p>
<p>If elected to the Council, I would promote measures to bring farming regulations and animal welfare standards in the US closer in line with those in fellow developed countries throughout Europe. Though enacting laws to catch up would ultimately have to be enacted at the federal level, if elected I would attempt to promote this at the city level to the largest extent possible such as proposing ban on schools serving meat from factory farms. If elected, I would also advocate for a forcible shutting down of fast food chains operating within the district.</p>